Small Spaces

Conferences and seminars expecting less than 40 participants have a number of locations to choose from on campus. These events can often be difficult to find space for, however, as a lot of locations primarily serve as classrooms. We suggest exploring the following locations:

Seating Capacity 21-40 Attendees

All rooms listed feature moveable furniture.

  • Wallace 300 (overseen by the Princeton School of Public and International Affairs)
    A bright room that can be set up in a number of configurations that can seat up to 46 people. There is an area to set up as well. The tables and chairs are in the room and do not need table covers. Building Services must be contacted for set up and clean up.
  • Prospect House
    There are several rooms that can accommodate between 10- 26 people around a conference table. The Library and Presidential Dining Room may be configured to hold up to 32 and 50 participants respectively. Reservations should be made directly with Prospect House.
  • Palmer House
    Dining room has a table that can set approximately 20 guests. Reservations should be made directly with Palmer House.
  • Friend Center Convocation Room
    Tables and chairs must be ordered through Building Services' equipment rental service and
    tablecloths to cover them from Dining Services. Building Services must be contacted for set up and clean up. Reservations may be made by using the Friend Center online reservation form. Please note that departments outside of the School of Engineering and Applied Science may only reserve this room within three months of their planned event.
  • Chancellor Green Rotunda
    The Rotunda is primarily a study space, and is available for University events only and on a limited basis. 
  • Joseph Henry Room, Jadwin Hall
    Available for University events only with priority given to Physics and neighboring science departments. Can accommodate up to 45 people in this configuration. The room has existing tables and chairs, tablecloths are required if food or beverage is being served. No reservations after 4:30 p.m. on weekdays and no weekend reservations. Building Services must be contacted for set up and clean up. If A/V is being used department must provide their own IT tech to assist with equipment.

  • Fine Tower Professor's lounge
    Available for University events only, and priority for reservations is given to the Math Department. The space features a table with space for 25 people.

Seating capacity equal to or less than 20 attendees

  • Bobst Hall 105 (table)
  • Chancellor Green 105 (table)
  • East Pyne 111 (table), 215, 233, 235, 239 (chair desks)
  • Friend Center  110, 111, 112 (chair desks)
  • Jones 113 (chair desks)
  • Marx 101 (table)
  • Wallace 002, 004, 006 (tables)