EMS Frequently Asked Questions

EMS General

What is EMS?

EMS is a contemporary and powerful enterprise software system designed to manage classroom, exam, conference, meeting and event scheduling across campus. For more information, please see our welcome message at https://conferences.princeton.edu/ems.

What is the difference between the EMS Web App and the EMS Desktop?

The Web App is used by students, faculty and staff to request spaces.  The Desktop is available to individuals identified to manage departmental space reservations and requests. Desktop users are able to schedule departmentally managed spaces, monitor and respond to requests for those spaces, and send confirmations.

Who can I contact for help or with questions?

Please contact ems-support@princeton.edu with questions, concerns or to set up your spaces if you are a scheduler.

EMS Web App

How do I access the EMS Web App to request a space?

Visit scheduling.princeton.edu, which will take you to the landing page for the EMS Web App. Login with your PU NetId and Password. You will be asked to authenticate.

How do I request a space?

Choose a “template” once you are on the EMS landing page. You will likely select Requestable Spaces the majority of the time.  User guides are available at https://conferences.princeton.edu/ems/ems-user-guides.

Why do I not see a room I know exists when I search for a space?

It is likely that the space is not available during the date and time you searched. List view will only show spaces that are available during the dates and times you searched. To see all rooms, switch to Schedule view, or use Browse for Events or Locations to view a certain room.

What is 'Space Not Listed?'

Space Not Listed is a temporary “template” set up to allow for requests for spaces not currently managed in the system. University Scheduling will be implementing EMS for all campus teaching, meeting and assembly spaces over the 2019-2020 Academic Year. This option will be eliminated once the entire campus is managing all teaching, meeting and assembly spaces in EMS.

Is there a waiting list for spaces?

No, EMS does not allow for the option of a waiting list. We suggest you search for an available space similar to the one you would like.

What will happen to my reservation if the Registar schedules a class in a space I have already requested?

Courses, precepts, midterms, finals and reading period sessions will take priority. If you have a reservation in a status of Pending Registrar Release and it conflicts with a class, your event status will change to Academic Conflict. University Scheduling will work with you to adjust your event times, or to find an alternate location. You may also amend your own reservation request through the Web App.

How do I see my requests and their status?

EMS allows users to see all of their requests in one place. On the left hand side of the page when in the EMS Web App, click My Events. You will see all of your requests submitted through the web, and their status. You will also receive an email from University Scheduling or the space manager.

How do I cancel a reservation?

On the left hand side of the page when in the EMS App, click My Events. You will see the list of your event requests and their status. You can cancel by clicking into the event and selecting cancel. 

Will the list of Requestable Spaces be updated?

The list of available Requestable Spaces will be updated continuously as new spaces and departments are added to EMS.

Will EMS integrate with the building services, public safety or ISS forms?

Adding services to EMS in on the road map. At this time, EMS is used to manage requests and reservations for spaces. We will continue to update the campus community on timing for integration with service providers around campus.

Will students have access to request the same spaces as other users?

Students will have access to request all teaching, meeting and assembly spaces through a student template on behalf of recognized student organizations. Student organization event requests continue to need approval by ODUS, PACE, ORL, Campus Rec or the Residential College prior to space confirmation.  

When will students be able to access the EMS Web App?

Undergraduate and Graduate students will have access to the EMS Web App at the beginning of the Fall 2019 semester. Student organizations with event approval should contact uschedul@princeton.edu to submit requests until then.

What is a 'template'?

Templates are essentially containers (folders) that contain the spaces you would like to request.

The space I requested appeared as 'available' in EMS. Am I guaranteed to get that space?

Although a room/space in the system may appear to be free at your desired time, there will be instances when an approval is not given due to other circumstances.

When can I expect a response to my space request?

For A& B Registrar classrooms, you should expect a response in one - three business days with the status of your request. If you are requesting a space during the academic year, during class times, your request will stay in a status of "Hold for (Fall/Spring/Midterm/Finals) Room Release."  

Although a room/space in the system may appear to be free at your desired time, there will be instances when an approval is not given due to other circumstances.

Desktop User/Scheduler

Which spaces are managed in EMS?

The University is moving to EMS as one central scheduling system. All campus teaching, meeting and assembly spaces will be managed in EMS.

Are people going to be able to see my department’s spaces? Am I going to lose control over what gets booked in my department spaces?

Spaces will be visible and available for request through the Web App. Individuals who currently manage departmental spaces will continue to have the ability to accept or deny each submitted request.

My department currently uses its own ‘system’ (spreadsheet, Outlook calendar, SharePoint calendar, Google calendar, etc.) to manage the details of its spaces. Can I continue to do that and somehow feed information to EMS?

EMS will replace all other systems on campus. All teaching, meeting and assembly spaces should be managed in EMS. 

What is the difference between the Desktop and Web App?

The Desktop is available to individuals identified to manage departmental space reservations and requests. Desktop users are able to schedule departmentally managed spaces, monitor and respond to requests for those spaces, and send confirmations. The Web App is used mainly for requesting spaces.

My department has a large administrative staff that is permitted to book our conference rooms outright? How do we handle this?

If your department manages more than five spaces that staff are permitted to book outright, University Scheduling is able to create a web template that allows for direct booking. The use of this template would allow all department members to book outright.

People simply email me or call me to request one of my spaces today. How does that process change in the future with EMS?

Desktop users are able to manually enter reservations that come to them via phone or email for spaces managed by the department. We recommend asking people to enter requests through the Web App, but requests may be handled in various ways depending on your business practices.

Will the use of EMS change the Registrar holds?

The Registrar holds will remain in place. Spaces may appear available when submitting requests through the Web App, however any submitted requests will not be confirmed until the Registrar release occurs. Courses will be loaded into the system close to the beginning of the semester, and University Scheduling or the department space scheduler will contact you with the status of your request as rooms are released, which occurs throughout the semester.  You may also monitor the status of requests in the My Events section of the EMS Web App.

How many desktop users are permitted for the spaces we manage?

A maximum of four desktop users per department or group is permitted.

Can we allow for some desktop users to manager only some of our spaces?

The desktop is powerful and those given the ability to manage and approve spaces will see all spaces available to the department. We suggest creating internal guidelines for approvers in your department.

Will you migrate reservations from our current shadow system once we are on-boarded to EMS?

Once trained, we ask that you move any reservations being held in shadow systems as well as reservations moving forward into EMS.  This gives users and opportunity to practice in the system.

When can a Desktop user begin using EMS?

University Scheduling will host training sessions throughout the academic year. Once an individual is trained, the individual may immediately begin using the system to manage their spaces. Training dates are listed on https://conferences.princeton.edu/ems. 

If I miss the training attended by most of my department, will I be permitted to use EMS?

We ask that each user attend a training session prior to using the system. We will have at least two per week most weeks during the academic year.

Do I need to attend training with my whole team?

No, individuals may attend different training sessions. It may be helpful to attend with colleagues, but it is not required. Your account will only be active once you have attended a training session.

Will we receive alerts when a request comes in?

EMS does not use email alerts. You must login to the system to view requests.

What is the difference between the Dashboard and the Browser?

The Dashboard only displays requests that come in from the Web App. The Browser is a powerful tool to search for events on any available field. Any events entered manually by Desktop users will not show up in the Dashboard.

How do you know which spaces we manage?

You will be asked to fill out our form to confirm the spaces you manage. We will use this information to set up your account. Information is confirmed with the Registrar prior to configuration. If you a space scheduler, please contact ems-support@princeton.edu for a link to the form.

Can I place an event in a room prior to the class schedule being published?

We suggest entering events as soon as you are aware of them. However, during the academic year, use the status of "Hold for (Fall/Spring) Registrar Release" if your event falls outside of the 4:30 - 7:00 PM open booking time on weekdays or on weekends. Events that fall during Midterms, Reading Period and Exams should also use the corresponding status.  Once classes are pushed into the system, any conflicting events will change to a status of Academic Conflict and you will need to reassign your event to a new space, day or time. Please note: During the summer, Conference and Event Services controls all A & B classrooms and summer requests will be approved by CES.