Training Offerings for Faculty/Staff

Training Offerings

The EMS team will provide training for both EMS Web App users and for EMS Desktop Users throughout the year. Due to COVID-19, we have moved all training and support to a virtual environment.

EMS Web App Training: Please contact Elsie Wirth at or EMS Support at to set up a Zoom call to answer any EMS Web App questions.

EMS Desktop Training: Desktop training is available by invitation and is available to individuals who have been identified as schedulers of departmentally managed spaces.  Please see the roll-out schedule for approximate timing for your department's on-boarding to EMS. We have Zoom webinar training available in May 2020.  If your department is still in need of training and on-boarding, or if you would like a refresher, please reach out to ems-support to receive the webinar registration link.  

EMS Zoom Meetings -Spring 2020

"Walk-In" hours/Web App Training/Support are currently being held via Zoom through an appointment time that works for you and our team.  Contact Elsie Wirth at or EMS Support at to set up a Zoom call.