EMS - Event Management System

We are excited to announce that the University has made the decision to implement Event Management System (EMS) as the new centralized room scheduling system.  A significant improvement over previous systems, EMS has a flexible and intuitive user interface and will provide significant benefits to the entire University, including the following:

  • One place to go to research what spaces exist on campus, giving event planners and others knowledge and access to view and request all campus spaces.
  • Complete awareness of all events planned across campus to allow for a true campus-wide events calendar, proactive communications for strategic events, and proper preparation for events that require additional University support.
  • Consistent messaging to students around the importance of access and inclusion, and the ability for them now to have equal access to request spaces for approved student organization events.
  • Access to space utilization data to support campus planning for current and future space needs to support collaboration and convening.
  • Enhanced emergency preparedness and response due to ability to identify quickly which spaces are being used, and who may be affected during an emergency.

As the University is committed to implementing one room scheduling system, all campus spaces will be included in the system, and all departments will transition to use EMS as their room scheduling tool to obtain the numerous benefits outlined above.  That said, individuals who currently manage spaces will continue to do so, and will continue to have the ability to accept or deny each submitted request. 

The University Scheduling team will reach out to departments (grouped by building) over the next ten months to upload department spaces into EMS and to provide training for all users. Please see the EMS Roll-Out Schedule for your department’s implementation timing.

We acknowledge that all transitions raise questions and concerns. Please don’t hesitate to contact [email protected] with any immediate inquiries.  Thank you for your consideration and support of this important University initiative.